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Colorful Rugs

Inspired by my friend Jordan at Hickory + Hearth, I recently started looking for rugs for my very neutral living room. I love the look of neutral spaces- grays, creams, whites and that is how I intended to keep my living room. My heart was set on a jute rug to tie in with the decor. jute + gray = TLA.

That was until I started noticing very neutral spaces that had really bright and exciting {yes, exciting} rugs. I absolutely loved the idea of a colorful rug- something that brings color and energy but could be switched out easily.


After deciding that a colorful rug was happening, I scoured the internet for inexpensive and colorful rugs. There are so many options to choose from but I quickly found a favorite on Rugs USA. Again, Jordan at H&H had just purchased from Rugs USA, so I knew that the quality of the rug would be on point.

drum roll…

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kitchen hack: my pantry hamper

Keeping a hamper in my pantry is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Does everyone have a hamper in the kitchen? Am I the first person to think of this??

Probz not.

little pantry hamper

little pantry hamper

I added a hamper to my pantry when my daughter was born, to keep bibs and spit cloths in their own concealed area. Since then I’ve kept the hamper in the pantry and it’s helped a lot. Kitchen towels, tablecloths, random toddler socks and more all seem to make their way into the hamper which I check regularly. Don’t have a pantry? Stick one under your sink or next to your garbage can.

So this kitchen hack may not be revolutionary but you’ll thank me next time you need to tidy up on the fly!

Send me your kitchen hacks. Please.

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tablescapes: fall favorites

I love tablescapes.

source: a burst of beautiful.

fall flowers always enhance a table setting. source: a burst of beautiful.

Honestly I could spend hours looking at them.

Fall is probably the best time of year to get excited about tablescapes, with Thanksgiving just around the corner. We’re also back to eating at our dining room table- instead of being outside on the deck, so I have some time to stare at our table and figure out how I want it to look for the holidays.

A few tablescape accessories that I love include: seasonal flowers, greenery, pumpkins, purple cabbage, excessive glassware, great name plates and more. Continue Reading

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fabric lined painted bookcase

Lucky for us, my in-laws have provided a ton of hand-me-down furniture that we have put to use. Recently they gave us a bookcase that I had my eye on for little Evie. At nearly 2 years old she has more books than a small library. Most of the time they’re scattered throughout the house, or her crib, or our room, or the kitchen, or the basement…you get it…

When I was pregnant with Ev we decided not to find out if we were having a boy or girl, so most of her stuff is neutral gray. I really wanted to make this bookcase extra girly so a new coat of paint was in order. The bookcase started as a vibrant green and needed an overhaul.

My first thought was chalk paint but decided that I would stick with traditional latex paint. After lots of pink paint research I decided on Valspar’s Art Deco Pink

Art Deco Pink


Here’s a look at the bookcase before it got the pink treatment.

green bookcase

bookcase before

You probably noticed the back of the bookcase didn’t get a second or final coat of paint. WELL, halfway through painting I decided to line the bookcase with fabric- just to make it fun and add to the girlyishness (definitely not a word, i know.) I took a trip to JoAnn Fabrics with my sister and found a really fun fabric by Jennifer Paganelli. To me, it looks like the fabric is telling a story of it’s own, perfect for a little girl’s bookcase!

so girly.

so girly.

After the paint was dry I used a spray adhesive to “install” the fabric to the back of the bookcase. Before adding the fabric I recommend the following to ensure the best results:

  • Iron your fabric. This helps to lay the fabric flat and looks much cleaner.
  • You COULD use a fabric stiffener to make sure the fabric lays flat and has a thicker texture. I opted not to but it’s definitely an option.
  • When you’re cutting fabric, 1. measure correctly and 2. have someone help you by holding the fabric so there is some tension while cutting. This might seem fairly obvious but listen I made two trips to get fabric for that reason. Oops!
waahh lahh!

waahh lahh!

I’m really happy with my bookcase transformation and love the girly feel it brings to Evie’s soon-to-be playroom (transformation coming soon!

I’ve found that I really enjoy painting furniture. It’s such a cheap and easy (sometimes) way to transform old pieces. I’d love to hear about your furniture and painting projects…feel free to share!

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all white bedroom | part I

My house is a constant work in progress. I bounce from room to room updating randomly, decorating sporadically and I always have a painting project in the works. My latest project is our bedroom update. When we purchased the house in 2013 the master bedroom was a really beautiful horrible marigold yellow. 

The bedrooms in our house are small, but cozy.

It only took a few hundred swatches to help me decide than an all-white room is where it’s at.

peep that landline.

peep that landline.


My vision for our room is simply, peaceful. Without being overly feminine I want to feel like we’re sleeping in a cloud.

My original inspiration came from Holy City Chic’s master bedroom. She was fortunate enough 🙂 to start with a similar marigold color on her walls and was able to really transform her entire room with Sherwin William’s Zurich White. Zurich White offers the clean look of a white while having a warmth of grey- I love it.

As if I needed further convincing,  I was scrolling through Insta-feed when I saw an amazing all-white bedroom, which of course is perfect. From designer and once “Bachelorette” Jillian Harris:

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.39.26 PM


I can’t wait to show you our completed look and transformation. We’re getting close and we’re just about there- cloud sleeping here we come!